Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Find Your Inner Child!

Yea, remember that child?   He/she is still around, trust us on this.  :)  

Take a fearless leap of faith and do something you would never do like a child does.  We forget that we're still young at heart and unfortunately our older minds get polluted with adult muck.   So get those muck boots on, clean out your pool and take a leap to reunite with that inner child that you've been neglecting.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out!

1.  Do a cannonball into a pool.
2.  Try skipping.  Remember that?  Who cares what people think.  It's YOU that matters.
3.  Watch a show that you used to watch as a child like The Brady Bunch or The Monkeys!  How about the Three Stooges for good 'ol laughter!
4.  Make some S'mores by the fire (it goes great with red wine if you must be an adult).
5.  Get outside (and away from your computers) and play outside like you used to as a kid.  Maybe play hide and seek with your own kids.
6.  Break out some Play Doh and create a work of art.

Let us know what YOU do to rediscover the child in you.

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