Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Birth of the Enchanted Chicks

Time, isn't it a funny word?  No wait, we mean intriguing word.  It can be used so many ways but all too often we hear the words "I don't have time!"

One day, though, something amazing happened in a single phone call.  It went a little like this..."Mom just doesn't take time for herself.  I want to treat her to a girls day out."  That day finally came after juggling our calendars. We spent the afternoon amidst laughter, wine, bonding and talking about how women don't take the time for themselves or how women often put themselves last.  After all, we are mothers, entrepreneurs, students, caretakers, and the list goes on.  Each of us started sharing ideas on how we handle the demands and stress of daily life.

So with the birth of the Enchanted Chicks, we plan to bring you everything from fun, entertainment, excitement along with a thought provoking and life changing experience.  We invite you to join us on our journey in walking the path of enchantment. 

Thus, Enchanted Chicks was born...

Always soaring!

The Chicks

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