Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Enchanted Must....

Every Chick should have a pair of large basic silver hoop earrings.  I indeed do but my favorite are black and silver hoops.  A bit spicier!

Even Olivia Newton John was cool enough to wear them in Grease and we all know she caught some looks!

What kind of earrings do you consider a statement piece?

Spicy Chick.


  1. I have to say.. that I love my extra large HOOP earrings!! They are just plain silver, but I feel very retro when I wear them and think they look great with everything... Love earrings in general... they add something to an outfit and for me express myself!

  2. Hi, I love the earrings, they looks great. I've got thin large silver hoops and I love wearing them. I also love to wear my Celtic salmon earrings. They are pendant earrings and my Celtic birth sign : )
    Have a great day.


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