Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat Fresh!

Hi guys! Vintage Chick here. So far I've spent my summer tending to an amazing "communal" garden I share with a few of my good friends. Sharing a garden is a great idea.  It saves money in the long run from buying produce at the market, you can split the cost of just the starts and seeds (inexpensive) between friends and you harvest ALL summer long.  We have reaped some beautiful veggies so far. In addition to having some great girl time in the garden, eating fresh has truly been a good thing for my body! Eat fresh instead of canned. It can make an amazing difference in how you feel!

Aren't these the most beautiful sugar snap peas you've ever seen?

Our beans should be climbing soon..

Our first cauliflower...

Baby spinach, a great source of iron and Vitamin C...

The strawberries are peaking out...
It might not be too late to start!

Vintage Chick...


  1. I agree!! Farm to table is the the idea of a joint effort "girlfriend garden" think you might be on to something! BTW, congratulations on this site...I am sold and following. Aloha, Connie

  2. I was just out in my own garden this early morning. We have a community garden that I want to get involved with someday but for now my own garden is enough work. One of my favorite things in the city is to walk through the community gardens. They are so beautiful and florishing. The soil is so rich in our city due to being near rivers and the shade from the big old trees helps the gardens not get scorched! I hope that one of my kids moves downtown and gets involved in a community garden. They all know how to garden organically from experience in our own backyards. They were born gardening! I can imagine your community garden is amazing with that beautiful Oregon climate. I cannot plant spinach, lettuce, or peas in summer because it is too hot! My favorite garden veggie is snow peas and sugar snap, besides tomatoes! But we have to grow them in Fall or early spring. Lettuces and spinach I grow in Fall/Winter and it is delicious. Happy Gardening!

  3. Oh I love your garden! I'm inspired to have my very own veggie garden...someday. Came here through the Vintage Sage and I'm happy to follow along! Nice meeting ya! xo
    Blissful Tidings,


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