Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Enchanted Evening...

With the start of summer and the blog of the Enchanted Chicks, what better way to celebrate than with a fruity and refreshing drink!   Getting together with the Chicks is always focused on fun and much needed bonding but during this magical evening....we celebrated the creation of the 13 steps and the start of our journey.

A few strawberries
A few watermelon chunks
A couple of limes (for the juice)

3 shots of rum (or without if you want non-alcoholic)
Crushed ice
A few dashes of sugar

Throw them all into a blender and turn that blender on!    If you noticed, we don't list exact ingredients.   The challenge in being "enchanted" is to take that risk and throw things together without directions.  Taste every once in awhile until it tastes enchanting.   Daring, isn't it?   Now you try.  We dare you.  

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the 13 Steps!

Keep soaring!
The Chicks.

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  1. Love this.. and I love not following a recipe..that's usually how I roll anyway. Can't wait to see the 13 steps and really become an enchanted chick.. I think I'd have to be saucy chick!! Have a great day!


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