Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Thankful Chicks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   It's that time of year where we really think about what we are thankful for and the Chicks have decided to let you in on what each of us is grateful for.  We hope you will take the time to really remember what's important in your life.
What I am grateful for this Holiday….

For me there are so many things to be grateful for that I decided to honor one in particular this year.  That is really the joy I find in this Holiday along with being with family. I am not a big fan of the traditional sacrificing of turkeys for dinners. But my family would not be happy with a vegetarian meal. So, as always, I go with what the masses want.

So on with the real joy of this holiday. I am grateful for the parents I had. I didn’t realize how good of parents they were until I was an adult.  Funny how that is. Being a good parent is not easy job, but I was truly blessed with mine.

They instilled in me:

To not be Selfish
To love all living Things
Respect the Earth
The importance of Family
To cherish true Friends.

They really made me who I am today and I think I’m ok…

~~Spicy Chick~~

I’m Thankful for….

1)              Family, those who’ve been by my side and the newly discovered ones.
2)            Ancestors, those who have paved the way before us.
3)            My smart little boy, he’s the apple of my eye.
4)           Animals and their cuteness.
5)            Good food and drinks.
6)           My nice comfy home with green grass.
7)             My shovel, for those snows yet to come.
8)            A/c, for those sweltering, melting days.
9)           Honda Element, it’s a special car given with love, and forever grateful for that!
10)         Good health.
11)          Friends, they complete my circle.
12)        Good clean cool water, my drink of choice along with Tuaca (an Italian liquor).
13)        The wondrous Moon, the power she gives.
14)        Hand lotion, for those dry skin days in the winter.
15)        Music, the sound of the soul.
16)        Having abundance! Everything we desire comes to us with positive and loving thoughts. 
17)         There is so, so much more I’m grateful for.  However, I’m most grateful for my journey that continues to lead me right where I’m supposed to be at this very moment.  We are an ever connecting band of souls on a colorful journey. 

~~ Sunflower Chick

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  1. I am Thankful for a wonderfully loving and supportive family and fiance! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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