Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Chick Has Hatched!

I’d like to introduce myself to the group, to all of our followers, and visitors. I’m a new chick on the block and have arrived to bring you variety, insight on my views, and tidbit information that will (hopefully) be entertaining and helpful to our audience, as well as allowing myself to grow and soar like my other sister chicks. I’m the Midwestern connection to the group and from time to time I’ll add a little flair sidekick to the chicks that reside in the beauty of the mountains. Smack in the middle of the US of A, the wind either blows from the north or the south to create havoc on hair do’s, attitudes and car doors that fling, It all matters how you face the wind to be successful! I’m a happy grateful single mom to a wonderful smart pre-teen boy, a full time employee that has invested 23 years (and counting) with a great company that allows me to contribute my hard learned talents to the betterment of our ever changing corporation, happily, a new homeowner as well, that leaves me feeling fulfilled that I finally have all of our beloved possessions in one spot! I’m also hearing impaired chick that lip reads, and can use my rusty sign language when needed. I have 2 wonderful hardworking twin brothers and an awesome sis-in law (Spicy Chick) that complete this small family of mine. Sadly, our mom passed away 7yrs ago and she has been missed very much. From that, I’ve learned about myself as a daughter, woman and mother. I welcome your comments, suggestions and any questions you may have. From somewhere over the rainbow, in OZ country, I am - Sunflower Chick - who strives to soar like the happy bluebirds. Just click your heels 3 times and drop a line, I’d love to hear from ya!

Sunflower Chick

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  1. Welcome to the Chick World!! Love that you are from a different part of the country and your insight is welcome!!! I'd like to be Snow Chick in Maine it's what we get!!.... Only kidding... you all are better chicks than I..


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