Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok, we all love bad boys but they are not all BAD and sometimes BAD is OK. You just need to find an Enchanted bad boy.!!! Let me explain the difference. The Enchanted bad boy is ok looking, not over the top. He is fun but can sit down and have a conversation that is interesting and he doesn’t just talk about himself or brag but he also has some depth. He has charisma and he knows how to use it but he’s not deceitful, that would be a very bad boy not to be confused with an Enchanted Bad Boy.

Now I can hear you all saying if he has charisma he is going to be a dick. Not true! If you really define what charisma is, it is being comfortable in your own body and having knowledge of what a woman likes to hear, knowing how to court a woman and look into her eyes with an expression that will make her melt because he feels it too or he would not pursue her then. If he did pursue her then he is not a bad boy, he is a dick.

So you see the problem is not with the men it is with women’s perception of what women think they want and what they should want. So women, if you haven’t figured it out yet go to counseling!

Now me.... I find the men vamps and the werewolves HOT. That is my kind of Enchanted bad boy. He knows how to talk to women, can have an in depth conversation, but can be a bad boy in the bedroom. Anybody out there a True Blood Fan???? The Chicks are going to start having True Blood parties and we will keep you updated on the latest. Join us....WE all like to do something BAD, once in awhile!

Spicy Chick


The BAD BOY. *sigh* I can't help myself sometimes. I mean really, I'm the Vintage Girl. I'm supposed to be a good girl because my mom raised me to be good but when a bad boy crosses my path I melt like an ice cube on hot asphalt! This vintage girl suddenly turns into a smitten girl! What IS IT about these men that draw us in? Their charisma? Their ability to smooth talk their way into any situation? Their looks? Heck sometimes they don’t even have to have the looks. They know just what to say, how to say it and who to say it to or should I say who to target? Us girls love it because for that moment there's an undeniable hot passion and who doesn't love passion?!

Now see, the trouble is, I'm a Gemini. I get bored easily and I need to be kept on my toes and when it comes to those sexy bad boys who act like they wouldn't give you the time of day, it's a CHALLENGE, There's this sick thing inside of me that LOVES a challenge and I’m on that like there’s no tomorrow! What I want to know is if there's a bad boy out there that can keep me on my toes but be the honorable chivalrous man a girl really needs at times.

Okay, Spicy so you're saying i need counseling? Am I really gonna change at 44? Are they really gonna change? We all know it's hard to change a man. My mother always told me to accept a man the way he is because he aint gonna change. So, either I decide to accept the good and the BAD or continue with my search for the perfect bad boy. I could be 85 years old before that happens! Maybe I need counseling to help me accept a man, good and bad for all he has to offer if that's what I like or maybe I will forever dream about the perfect bad boy and end up being that crazy old cat lady in the old Victorian house with tons of funky lawn accessories. I DON’T prefer the latter.

I do, however, agree with Spicy Chick that having a True Blood party will be loads of fun!   Maybe stir up a few True Bloody Mary's, some popcorn laced in red pepper flakes and watch a True Blood marathon!

Yes, even Vintage Chick has a bad side.

Vintage Chick

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  2. One man's opinion:
    I try to be as nice as I can but with the ladies nice guys do finish last. I think you have to be who you are and cultivate being the person you want to be. I have no interest in changing to live up to the expectations of what I think women want me to be. I suppose it is boring and it is the reason I am still single.

  3. This is a really fun post and it's so true! We all have had this problem at some time in our lives and I think we grow and learn and then move on to someone who is actually going to be able to stand by us when we need them. :)

  4. My new favorite bad boy is Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. He makes me wanna be bad!


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