Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays from the Chicks...continued..

My decorating was very sparse this year…..I went thru my things and selected just a few of my favorites to set out.  This picture was one.  My cat Sprout.  He was with us for only 9 years and would love to play with the tinsel on the tree.  One little picture brought back so many memories, so many thoughts.  Which leads right into my next post of where I start my journey to my living “The Enchanted Life”.  One of the beauties of the steps is you chart your own course, what you think will work for you.  I’m  starting with #2 for me….. “Live in the Now”.  Follow me as I start my journey……

Happy Holidays to all of you out in blog land!

Apprentice Chick


Here is the tree I've always loved... The Noble fir.  Our Dad would go up into the woods, find the straightest, nicest tree and bring it home and decorate it.   One year we kids got Styrofoam candy canes.  We loved those and they didn't last long, if you know what I mean.  This picture was taken in 1971.  The last pic was when I was 7 months old before my brothers were born.

Happy holidays to all our lovely bloggers!  
Sunflower Chick

Mele Kalikimaka everybody! For the past 16 years I have not had any Christmas decorations for a very good reason.

My Milee, who is no longer with us!

The first year I tried any sort of Christmas decoration  and she tried to destroy it no matter how high it was.  She would obsess over it.  So, to ensure that I have a good night sleep, there have been no decorations. I was going to do one this year but time caught up with me and there wasn't enough time! Next year I will start early!

Happy Holidays everyone!  
 Island Chick


Happy Winter Solstice, all!

Well, even though I go home to California every year to be with the family, I always make sure my little condo is decorated for Christmas, all cozy and warm.  And yes, I'm a girly, girl so in years past I used to bring out my pink little Christmas tree.  Hey, who says a tree has to be green?  Lol!  To each his own, right?  I tend to stick with the smaller trees that can sit on a table since my condo is only 1100 square feet.  So, here are a few "little" trees I've had now and in the past to welcome Christmas and the Winter Solstice!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Vintage Chick

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays from the Chicks!

Well the Chicks have not been great with posts lately but we intend on changing that after the first of the year!  We did, however, remember to come by to say happy holidays to all of you!   In our usual tradition, we will have Chick memories and traditions posted in the next several days1

Hello fellow bloggers!  Spicy Chick here.

I always do the tree every year and take pride in my decorations,  I think I am quite good at decorating Christmas trees.  This year, I let my daughter do her decorations and we went very traditional with homemade decorations and very traditional ornaments.  She and the kids are living with us and it was important for the children. I finished it with a topper that I'm proud of and I have to say it turned out great. So sometimes when you don't have to do things your way, it is okay.  We have  a snowman outside and wreath on the garage. 

We are all ready for Santa to come!  And remember, you don't have o be right and do things your way as Step #4 has stated in The 13 Steps.

Here is my tree from last year.  Of course, you will see that I have a very different style. That is what makes us who we are.  If we were all alike it would be very boring.

Happy holidays everyone!


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