Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yet Another Chick Has Hatched!

Yes, that's right.   Chicks are hatching like crazy around here.   Sadly, our Sassy Chick has announced she is taking a hiatus from Enchanted Chicks.   She has been overloaded with school, being a full time mother and tons of activities the kids are involved in.  I'm sure all you mother hens out there know what we're talking about.   We hope she will be back in the future!  Until then, we have added another fledgling to the clutch to have fun with us!  

Aloha from Hawaii!

I recently got married and work in the restaurant industry. I was raised in Singapore but have been living in Hawaii for 17 years. I love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my hubby, unless it's going to Home Depot.  My girlfriends and I love going out to dinners or to party events. I enjoy swimming, spin class, doing yoga, basic knitting, reading and most definitely eating. I love animals but sadly the condo I am at does not allow pets. However, I did have a cat, Milee, for 15 years and sadly she has gone to kitty Heaven this year. So, currently we are petless and childless. I try to live a zen life which also is not as easy as it sounds. I absolutely love all romantic movies!  I can't get enough of them!
I think my fashion sense is a little of everything. Its definitely more on the relaxed side. I adore boho fashion, and anything simply classy though most of the time I am in pants/shorts with a white tee or tank top.
This year there have been quite a few life changing events be it good or bad.  It has definitey made me a better person and most defintely has allowed me to grow up!

Hope to soar more and more as time goes by...

Island Chick

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  1. Welcome Island Chick,,,looking forward to all your knowledge about being enchanted!!! Can't wait for more posts!!


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